Yes, anyone can build a paper craft, regardless of prior experience. All it require is folding & gluing. All our kit is pre-cut and pre-crease, you just need to snap it out, match the folding number and glue it.

★ Age 6+
★★ Age 10+
★★★ Age 12+

the star rating is more for defining its complexity, enjoy the process and more the key!

Sorry, not at this stage. 

But feel free to send us an idea to info@paperpapa.com.au 

All our products are made from paper card stock. No soft plastic are used in the entire product range.
Environmental Friendly & Sustainability is our core theme, so everything can be recycled. 

Please recycle all paper & glue pen (PET) from your local recycling facilities once is built 🙂 Your approach help to build our future.

All our product comes with a special Paper Papa™ Paper Glue. It is recommended to use our glue as it will give you quicker bond time.

Of course, you can still use any other adhesive as the bonding agent.